Home Prices in Oregon

Home prices in Oregon are still climbing, although not quite at the rate they have been. The following article from Oregon Business Magazine gives a great description of the current... View Article

How to Make a Difference in Your Homeowner Association

Homeowner Associations are an important fixture in most neighborhoods. But many homeowners don’t understand how they work or what purpose they serve. This article provides some helpful insight and ideas... View Article

Selling in Fall

The passing of warmer weather has many homeowners wondering if the time to sell their home has also passed. But, as Rick Brainard explains in our most recent Insiders Article,... View Article

4 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Fall

Cooler temperatures and rainy weather are already here, but its not too late to get your home and yard ready for the changing season! 1. Stock up on winter supplies... View Article

Saving Up for A Down Payment?

One of the biggest hurdles to purchasing a home is coming up with enough money for a down payment. This is no easy task, as the median price for a... View Article

Realistic Expectations

As Rick touched on in our last Spokesman article, the Wilsonville Real Estate Market is shifting. In 2016 sellers could expect their home to receive multiple offers in the first... View Article

Hope is Growing – Wilsonville Relay for Life

“It’s a scary word to say,” I hear myself mutter, “cancer.” “Yes,” he replies, “but once you can say it, you can deal with it.” Meet Steve Klier, 70 years... View Article

The Importance of Accurate Home Pricing

In Oregon, the housing market is slowing down creating more balance between buyers and sellers. Many homeowners are looking at 2016’s numbers and expecting their home to sell for top... View Article

Buying a home for the first time?

Buying your first home is a thrilling experience, but it can also be terrifying if you are not properly prepared. Many first time buyers rush into home-buying without doing proper... View Article

Wilsonville Summer Events!!

It is a busy time of the year for the Laue Team! We always look forward to the numerous opportunities to connect with the community. Here are a few Wilsonville... View Article

Home Staging Cuts Time On Market

A few weeks ago Rick shared the importance of staging your home when it goes on the market. What does this mean for homeowners who have already vacated the home... View Article

How Accurate is Your Zestimate?

Has researching the value of your home left you scratching your head? In The Laue Team’s most recent Wilsonville Spokesman article, Principal Broker Rick Brainard shares the risks of relying... View Article

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