A common question asked by our clients who know and worked with Bob when he was in real estate is “what is he up to now”.  For those of you who haven’t met Bob he was the Founder and Principle Broker for the Laue Team for many years before Debi assumed leadership.
So, here is what Bob is up to these days, he is keeping himself active walking several miles a day, consulting the Laue Team, managing personal rental properties, fishing and most of all, spending time in his big, beautiful garden.
Bob set as his primary goal for retirement to spend as much time as he could in the great outdoors. He jump started his commitment to this goal by taking the Oregon State University Master Gardeners course.
He not only wanted to spend time gardening he wanted to be productive with his time. As a result of his time spent active in the outdoors, Bob is remaining healthy as can be seen in the pictures.
If you ever would like a tour of his beautiful two acre garden he is happy to show off his work! Bob knows there will be a time when he needs to slow down but until that time he plans to keep his days active and productive.