In support of the 2017 Wilsonville Festival of Arts held in Town Center Park this coming weekend, we dug into our vaults to bring back one of the first pieces we did in honor of the event. Take a journey with us as we celebrate both the Festival and the artistic culture of our city.
Inside the acorn lies a mighty oak.
Inside the seed is hidden promise yet untold. And hidden promise is a beautiful thing.
There’s just something about potential, something about possibility, something about the freedom of a heart willing to chase both. There’s just something purely fantastic about watching a man or woman in pursuit of their passion, something magical about seeing an individual doing what they love.
It moves me.
Chalk it up to the little girl inside that still wants everyone to live their greatest dream – become a world-renown chef, be that first dancing cowboy detective in space (okay, maybe that was just my son), create a beautiful piece of art.
Oh, to create a beautiful piece of art.
Not so long ago we walked the halls of Wilsonville High School alongside gifted art teacher Christopher Shotola-Hardt and took in the beautiful creations of young and passionate artists. Pictures on the screen wouldn’t do the pieces justice, but a view in-person certainly will.
This weekend you have the opportunity to celebrate the artistic roots that run deep in our community at the Wilsonville Festival of Arts. In its 18th year, the festival sings of our community’s artistic core and carries a beautiful vision of everything we love about Wilsonville.
You’ll find brilliant student works and so much more.
So much beauty.
So much art.
So much celebration.
The Wilsonville Festival of Arts brings together passion and potential, community and culture, the value of beauty in the midst of day-to-day life. Like I said, it moves me – and I hope to see you there.
And the details…
Wilsonville Festival of Arts
Town Center Park – 29600 SW Park Place
10am-6pm Saturday & 10am-5pm Sunday
Check out for LOTS more information.