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Creating A Home Inventory
Natural disasters, robberies, and home fires are devastating occurrences. Picking up the pieces of your life after one of these events is never easy; it is crucial to ensure that your belongings are inventoried and documented in order to make the insurance claims process as painless as possible. The following infographic provides several tips and… Read More ›
Flood Insurance Bill Passes the House
Here’s some great news for all of you on the waterfront! Spikes in flood insurance have officially been delayed or canceled for over 40,000 home sales since the bill was passed in October, 2013. Relieve your financial worries and read the whole article: Click here!
FEMA, Lenders Wrongly Charge Oregon Homeowners Flood Insurance
With the rainy season in Oregon upon us, The Oregonian warns that FEMA is forcing Homeowners to purchase unnecessary Flood Insurance. Homes in, what FEMA considers to be,  Special Flood Hazard Areas will be required to purchase Flood Insurance, or FEMA will purchase it for them. According to The Oregonian, rates could be as high as… Read More ›