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Upgrades to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient
An energy efficient home has many benefits. Environmental impact, increased home value, and cost-savings are chief among them. This has been brought to the forefront in 2018 in our market as Home Energy Reports are now required for homes sold in the city of Portland. Buyers are looking for homes that have been designed with the… Read More ›
Moving to Portland
  If you’re considering a move to Portland, you’ve probably heard how great it is to live in the City of Roses. With a vibrant outdoor culture, a hip food scene and great proximity to beaches and mountains, Portland has become a desirable destination for homeowners. But before loading up your moving truck and hitting… Read More ›
"Old" Reasons to Buy a Home that are Still Valid
If 2015 is the year you’re planning on buying a home there are plenty of reasons that have been around for years that are still relevant and very important to consider when deciding whether being a homeowner is the right move for you. Click here to find out why 2015 is the year to buy!
Why Overpricing Your Home is a Bad Idea
With the sunshine finally peeking out we are seeing more traffic through Open Houses and more Showings. So, why are homes sitting on the market even when there has been considerable amount of buyers through it? One agent, Djanna Morris, from the DC area, answered this question in her recent blog: “Here’s a real estate fact… Read More ›
Home Prices Keep Bubbling Up
Now is the time to buy! With so many homes coming on the market this spring there’s one thing that seems apparent: Home prices are rising! Which means now is also a great time to sell. Click here to find out how much Home Prices have risen since last year
More People Moving to Oregon
Last year Oregon started to see more people move into its lush, green environment than out! With many business incentives, industrial growth and low housing prices the Pacific Northwest has become moving grounds for both young professionals and retirees. Click here for more moving patterns in 2013 across America!
5 Signs You're Ready To Be A Homeowner
What are your New Years Resolutions? Maybe, you’ve been thinking about becoming a Homeowner in 2014! Or maybe, you’re saving that for next year’s resolution… Whenever you think buying a home would be best, here is an article that tells you the 5 most important things to consider when preparing for the transition from a… Read More ›
Ready For The Cold? Your Home May Not Be
We’re barely a week into December, but temperatures are already hovering in the teens! Frozen driveways and sidewalks are expected threats of winter, but the ones hiding in your home may be the most costly. Be sure to check out this article posted by KATU to keep your pipes from bursting and recommendations for your… Read More ›
Average U.S. 30-Year Mortgage Rate Down To 4.32 Percent
Following the Federal Reserve’s decision last week to hold off slowing it’s monthly bond purchases, mortgage rates fell this week to their lowest point in two months. Follow the link below for the full article from KATU News. Average U.S. 30-Year Mortgage Rate Down To 4.32 Percent
What Does Mark Carney's Interest Rate Announcement Mean For Me?
According to The Guardian, interest rates look like they are set to remain at record low for another 3 years. What does this mean for you? Follow the link below for the full article. What Does Mark Carney’s Interest Rate Announcement Mean For Me?
Portland Area Home Prices Rise Faster Than U.S. Average
According to the Oregonian, Portland-area home prices rose 15.5% in July compared to a year ago. Follow the link below for the full article. Portland Area Home Prices Rise Faster Than U.S. Average
The Oregonian is publishing some positive information for the Portland real estate market. Home prices continue to rise in Portland for 6 months straight.  Home- Price Gains in Portland