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Realistic Expectations
As Rick touched on in our last Spokesman article, the Wilsonville Real Estate Market is shifting. In 2016 sellers could expect their home to receive multiple offers in the first week. In 2017, many homes are taking much longer to find the right buyer. Rick expands below: Recent months have seen a slight shift in… Read More ›
Sluggish Housing Market A Product Of Millions Of 'Missing Households'
Economists are speculating the reason the housing market is slow is because of the “missing households” that millennials are not buying. According  to NPR, only 16 percent of new-home sales are to first-time home buyers. Instead millennials are opting to live with roommates or family members. Follow the link below for the full article from… Read More ›
New Home Sales Rise at Fastest Pace in 5 Years
In January, the sales of new homes in the United States rebounded at the fastest pace since 2008, increasing by 9.6 percent. The rise was unexpected to economists who had been predicting sales drop due to the intense winter weather the nation had been having. Follow the link below for the full article from The… Read More ›
Home Prices Keep Bubbling Up
Now is the time to buy! With so many homes coming on the market this spring there’s one thing that seems apparent: Home prices are rising! Which means now is also a great time to sell. Click here to find out how much Home Prices have risen since last year
5 Things to Watch in Housing in 2014
The year 2013 was full of unusually low supplies on homes. Paired with low intersted rated the market forced buyers to become more competitive. With 2014 underway, The Wall Street Journal introduced 5 things to watch for this year in the housing market. Follow the link below for the full article: 5 Things to Watch… Read More ›
Wilsonville Residential & Rural Properties Sales Report
Sold from 1/1/2013 thru 12/31/2013- All Companies Includes homes and condos sold thru Regional Multiple Listing Service. Each year, the Laue Team compiles a year end report showing all properties sold in and around Wilsonville. Follow the links below to see photos and all pertinent data for each of the 411 residential properties sold in… Read More ›
FEMA, Lenders Wrongly Charge Oregon Homeowners Flood Insurance
With the rainy season in Oregon upon us, The Oregonian warns that FEMA is forcing Homeowners to purchase unnecessary Flood Insurance. Homes in, what FEMA considers to be,  Special Flood Hazard Areas will be required to purchase Flood Insurance, or FEMA will purchase it for them. According to The Oregonian, rates could be as high as… Read More ›
New Flood Insurance Maps Impact Northwest Residents
New flood plain maps were updated for the first time since 1978. These new maps mean new flood insurance rates for Oregon and Washington residents. According to OPB, these preliminary maps are coming at a time when the federal government is trying to phase out flood insurance subsidies in order to pay off government debt…. Read More ›
"Flipping" Houses Growing More Common in Portland
“Flipping,” the practice of buying, briefly holding and reselling a house within 6 months,  is up 16% year-over-year in the Portland area, according to RealtyTrac. Nationwide, flipping is down 13 percent. On average they made a gross profit of around $84,000. Click on the link below for the full article from The Oregonian: “Flipping” Houses… Read More ›
Living Enrichment Center Site Gets Preliminary Development Approval For Villebois
The Villebois Master Plan proposal of a 113-lot residential development has received the green light from the Wilsonville Planning Commission. Villebois plans on expanding to the former Living Enrichment Center. With the added acreage, the plan is to develop larger lots. Follow the link below for the full article from the Wilsonville Spokesman: Living Enrichment… Read More ›
US Home Prices Rise 12.4 pct., Most in 7½ Years
US home prices continue to rise leading us to the highest they have been in over 7 years. According to the chief economist for Zillow, this ongoing moderation is good for the market. Follow the link below for the full article from KATU News. US Home Prices Rise 12.4 pct., Most in 7½ Years
What Does Mark Carney's Interest Rate Announcement Mean For Me?
According to The Guardian, interest rates look like they are set to remain at record low for another 3 years. What does this mean for you? Follow the link below for the full article. What Does Mark Carney’s Interest Rate Announcement Mean For Me?