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Upgrades to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient
An energy efficient home has many benefits. Environmental impact, increased home value, and cost-savings are chief among them. This has been brought to the forefront in 2018 in our market as Home Energy Reports are now required for homes sold in the city of Portland. Buyers are looking for homes that have been designed with the… Read More ›
Selling in Fall
The passing of warmer weather has many homeowners wondering if the time to sell their home has also passed. But, as Rick Brainard explains in our most recent Insiders Article, there are positives to listing your home during fall and winter. “Although there is certainly more real estate activity in spring and summer,” explains Rick,… Read More ›
To Improve or Not to Improve?
You might have noticed a familiar face in the local paper recently! The Laue Team is very fortunate to have had an article in the Wilsonville Spokesman. As these articles are released in print we will include them on our blog for anyone who is not subscribed to the Spokesman. Enjoy this recent article addressing… Read More ›
6 Seller Secrets for This Spring's Real Estate Market
Now that we’ve given you the top 5 Buyer’s Wants it’s time to whip your home into “market approved” shape! So, what is really going to help you as a seller? We have 6 secrets that will you get ahead of the market this year! Click here! Spoiler Alert: the market is expected to get… Read More ›
What Are Buyers Looking for in Today's Market?
Homes are in HIGH demand right now, so that means… It might be time to sell! If you’re in an area with great public schools you are undoubtedly going to be getting lots of families through your home. Quality of Public Schools was first in the “Top 5 Very Important” list when buyers are deciding… Read More ›