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Ready, Set, Go!
Are you amongst the millions of homeowners planning on doing some home remodeling this year? You’re in good company! Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or staying put for awhile, remodeling your home has exponential benefits! Home remodeling is on the rise and millions of home owners are jumping on the home improvement band wagon. Click here to… Read More ›
What to Look For When Searching For a Neighborhood
There are many factors that will affect your new home and the neighborhood is definitely something to be considered! While safety and schools are usually the first consideration in a neighborhood there are lots of other things to look for in you future neighborhood. You might be surprised what you’re forgetting to consider. Click here for a… Read More ›
"Old" Reasons to Buy a Home that are Still Valid
If 2015 is the year you’re planning on buying a home there are plenty of reasons that have been around for years that are still relevant and very important to consider when deciding whether being a homeowner is the right move for you. Click here to find out why 2015 is the year to buy!
Basalt Creek Scenarios
Wilsonville & Tualatin have both shared the same uncertain notion of what is to become of the residential – commercial area tying the cities together. Basal Creek plans are emerging and while it will reflect a lot of change the changes will not be as complicated for Wilsonville as they will be for Tualatin. For… Read More ›
Wilsonville is a Great Place to Live! Check Out the Stats!
Beautiful nature parks, award winning schools, Willamette River access in the summer! There is no question, Wilsonville is a wonderful place to live at any age! But now we have the numbers to prove it. With crime at a favorable low in comparison to Oregon cities with similar population sizes and satisfied residents, Wilsonville proves… Read More ›
The Fight Over Drones, As Seen From A Drone
With drones becoming increasingly popular the question has come up, who owns the air? Many of the laws are still up for debate. Follow the link below for a brief article clarifying what we do know: The Fight Over Drones, As Seen From A Drone
New Home Sales Rise at Fastest Pace in 5 Years
In January, the sales of new homes in the United States rebounded at the fastest pace since 2008, increasing by 9.6 percent. The rise was unexpected to economists who had been predicting sales drop due to the intense winter weather the nation had been having. Follow the link below for the full article from The… Read More ›
5 Things to Watch in Housing in 2014
The year 2013 was full of unusually low supplies on homes. Paired with low intersted rated the market forced buyers to become more competitive. With 2014 underway, The Wall Street Journal introduced 5 things to watch for this year in the housing market. Follow the link below for the full article: 5 Things to Watch… Read More ›