Are you thinking about buying or selling a home, but not sure what that means for your furry family member? You aren’t alone. The following article by the Seattle Times offers some great insight and advice!

Dog owners face unique challenges when buying, selling a home

Millennials, in particular, are often motivated by their dogs when house hunting, according to a recent survey. Here are some tips for buying, or selling, a house when you have a dog.
Elena Ruiz and her partner, Shawna Kerns, place such a high priority on their desire to rescue animals, they switched neighborhoods to find a place with a yard.
The couple had two cats and a dog when they began house hunting from their apartment in Washington, D.C. Now that they have settled into their new home, they’ve added a rescue puppy to their menagerie.
“Our animals determined which neighborhoods we looked at,” Kerns says. “We were able to find a place with a fenced front yard and a fenced backyard” in a neighborhood in
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