The current rise of food establishments in Wilsonville, Oregon is a consortium.
 Acclaimed establishments such as, Oswego Grill, McMenamins, and The Ram have made their presence known over the last couple of months. They rim both sides ofWilsonville Road(on the west side of the interstate) and are doing their bests to provide tasteful, family oriented dining to the citizens of Wilsonville. However, as a citizen of this growing city it is important to keep our family-owned eateries in mind when thinking about breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Local favorites such as House of Teriyaki, Canyon Creek Deli,ThaiVillage, and Country Grains have been ever-present institutions for a number of years and need the support of new and old customers to keep business fluid, prices low, and employment at a maximum. These eateries have great environments, customer service, and food compared to some of the eateries in our neighboring communities. I’m not knocking any restaurant or restaurant industry, but I’m advocating a little adventure from the ordinary. There are tasty-well-priced meals all over town waiting to be devoured and as people of commerce it is important to indulge in food establishments all over town— franchise or not. Next time you’re out and about trying to find some lunch, try out veteran institutions such as Lamb’s or La Tienda San Francisco. I guarantee that you will find something that bodes well with your pallet.
~Kevin Laue 4/2012~