You might have noticed a familiar face in the local paper recently! The Laue Team is very fortunate to have had an article in the Wilsonville Spokesman. As these articles are released in print we will include them on our blog for anyone who is not subscribed to the Spokesman. Enjoy this recent article addressing staging your home to sell:
When it comes to listing a home, one of the most common questions Rick Brainard is asked by his sellers is, “What should I do to stage my home to sell?” With more than 30 years in the Wilsonville market, Rick’s team thankfully has a good answer.
“We stress that listing a home is very different than living in it,” explains Rick, “And a show-ready home is rarely practical in day-to-day life.” But he does stress that it is important. “Buyers need to be able to see the potential of a home, not the drudgery of fighting the mess of everyday life.”
Rick and The Laue Team often liken the process of preparing a home for sale to a hotel room. “When you check in you want to experience a space that is clean, clear, and welcome for easy living,” smiles Rick, “Even though you know that once you unpack your suitcase that will all change.”
Most common checklists recommend decluttering and clearing surfaces, which Rick agrees is a good place to start. “But no two homes are the same,” explains Rick, “And that’s why we offer all of our sellers a staging walk-through to outline specifically what needs to be done to represent their home in the best light.”
To learn about staging to sell and what The Laue Team offers, contact Rick at 503.212.5034. You can also see how The Team has helped other sellers at