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Why You Should List During the Holidays
It’s no secret that the real estate market tends to slow during the winter. The holidays are busy, families are traveling, and poor weather makes viewing homes an unpleasant experience. However, a slow market is not always a bad thing. Just this month we have seen many of our own listings go pending that had… Read More ›
Getting Organized
In many homes, organization is an ongoing task. The following article from houzz.com offers some fantastic ideas for creating an organized space that stays that way! 10 Principles of Organizing That Work in Every Room Getting your home organized is a great feeling, but figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Keep the process… Read More ›
Hosting Thanksgiving? Simplify!
It’s that time of year, when families and friends come together to share a meal and (hopefully) some laughter and good memories. For many, the holidays are accompanied by a wave of stress and busyness, especially for those who are hosting! If you find yourself pulling your hair out, or even if you have found… Read More ›
Creating A Home Inventory
Natural disasters, robberies, and home fires are devastating occurrences. Picking up the pieces of your life after one of these events is never easy; it is crucial to ensure that your belongings are inventoried and documented in order to make the insurance claims process as painless as possible. The following infographic provides several tips and… Read More ›
10 Ideas for a Lighter, Brighter Living Room!
Most of us have a couple of rooms in our homes that get less light than we’d like. You may find that you gravitate toward the pleasing sunny spots, while avoiding spaces that feel gloomier. Heavy curtains, dark carpets and the wrong paint color can all take their toll on the impression of light in… Read More ›
Flood Insurance Bill Passes the House
Here’s some great news for all of you on the waterfront! Spikes in flood insurance have officially been delayed or canceled for over 40,000 home sales since the bill was passed in October, 2013. Relieve your financial worries and read the whole article: Click here!
Home Prices Keep Bubbling Up
Now is the time to buy! With so many homes coming on the market this spring there’s one thing that seems apparent: Home prices are rising! Which means now is also a great time to sell. Click here to find out how much Home Prices have risen since last year
Ready For The Cold? Your Home May Not Be
We’re barely a week into December, but temperatures are already hovering in the teens! Frozen driveways and sidewalks are expected threats of winter, but the ones hiding in your home may be the most costly. Be sure to check out this article posted by KATU to keep your pipes from bursting and recommendations for your… Read More ›
Sold from 1/1/2012 thru 12/31/2012- All Companies Includes homes and condos sold thru Regional Multiple Listing Service. Each year, the Laue Team compiles a year end report showing all properties sold in and around Wilsonville. This year we have expanded the report. By clicking the link below, you will be able to see a photo… Read More ›