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Why You Should List During the Holidays
It’s no secret that the real estate market tends to slow during the winter. The holidays are busy, families are traveling, and poor weather makes viewing homes an unpleasant experience. However, a slow market is not always a bad thing. Just this month we have seen many of our own listings go pending that had… Read More ›
How Accurate is Your Zestimate?
Has researching the value of your home left you scratching your head? In The Laue Team’s most recent Wilsonville Spokesman article, Principal Broker Rick Brainard shares the risks of relying on online sources like Zillow’s “Zestimate” to calculate the true value of your home: With its introduction in 2006, Zillow changed the way the public… Read More ›
Sluggish Housing Market A Product Of Millions Of 'Missing Households'
Economists are speculating the reason the housing market is slow is because of the “missing households” that millennials are not buying. According  to NPR, only 16 percent of new-home sales are to first-time home buyers. Instead millennials are opting to live with roommates or family members. Follow the link below for the full article from… Read More ›
Why Overpricing Your Home is a Bad Idea
With the sunshine finally peeking out we are seeing more traffic through Open Houses and more Showings. So, why are homes sitting on the market even when there has been considerable amount of buyers through it? One agent, Djanna Morris, from the DC area, answered this question in her recent blog: “Here’s a real estate fact… Read More ›
Flood Insurance Bill Passes the House
Here’s some great news for all of you on the waterfront! Spikes in flood insurance have officially been delayed or canceled for over 40,000 home sales since the bill was passed in October, 2013. Relieve your financial worries and read the whole article: Click here!
Living Enrichment Center Site Gets Preliminary Development Approval For Villebois
The Villebois Master Plan proposal of a 113-lot residential development has received the green light from the Wilsonville Planning Commission. Villebois plans on expanding to the former Living Enrichment Center. With the added acreage, the plan is to develop larger lots. Follow the link below for the full article from the Wilsonville Spokesman: Living Enrichment… Read More ›
What Does Mark Carney's Interest Rate Announcement Mean For Me?
According to The Guardian, interest rates look like they are set to remain at record low for another 3 years. What does this mean for you? Follow the link below for the full article. What Does Mark Carney’s Interest Rate Announcement Mean For Me?
Portland Area Home Prices Rise Faster Than U.S. Average
According to the Oregonian, Portland-area home prices rose 15.5% in July compared to a year ago. Follow the link below for the full article. Portland Area Home Prices Rise Faster Than U.S. Average
U.S. Home Prices Rise 10.9 Percent, Most Since 2006
Home prices are the highest they have been since April of 2006. With the number of buyers growing and the limited inventory, the housing market is beginning to recover. For the full article from KATU News, follow the link below: U.S. Home Prices Rise 10.9 Percent, Most Since 2006
January home sales figures show inventory shortage persists
According to Oregon Live, the market is struggling with a lack of inventory. Buyer’s are becoming frustrated with the lack of selection and quick decision-making required to get a home. With inventory being so low, its no wonder homes are on the market an average of 3 weeks less than they were a year ago…. Read More ›
This month marks the highest point in 6 1/2 for the newly built homes market. Builders are responding to the increasing demand by buying more land and ramping up construction.  KATU- US Homebuilder Confidence at 6 1/2-Year High 
Taste of Portland raises $40,000 for Affordable Housing
The Laue Team, along with The Oregon Association of Realtors, sponsored the 5th Annual Taste of Portland this month. The event helped raise over $40,000 to help fund affordable housing for Oregonians. Realtors Raise Money for Affordable Homes