How to Make a Difference in Your Homeowner Association
Homeowner Associations are an important fixture in most neighborhoods. But many homeowners don’t understand how they work or what purpose they serve. This article provides some helpful insight and ideas in order to get more involved in your neighborhood’s association: Homeowner associations were created to provide a governing body for residential developments to make decisions… Read More ›
Wilsonville Summer Events!!
It is a busy time of the year for the Laue Team! We always look forward to the numerous opportunities to connect with the community. Here are a few Wilsonville summer events coming up that you won’t want to miss: July 27th, August 3rd, and August 10th – Concert in the Park Bring your lawn… Read More ›
Staging a Home is a Very Important Step
  You might have noticed a familiar face in the local paper recently! The Laue Team is very fortunate to have had an article in the Wilsonville Spokesman. As these articles are released in print we will include them on our blog for anyone who is not subscribed to the Spokesman. Enjoy this recent article… Read More ›
Decorated Woodburn Detective Now Award-Winning Real Estate Agent!
  This week we are proud to be highlighting one of our very own, Nic Wilson.  Nic’s knowledge of Woodburn comes through over a decade of public service as a Detective Sergeant with the Woodburn Police Department.  Check out the following from the Woodburn Independent: Nic Wilson is now serving the Woodburn community in a… Read More ›
What Do the New Wilsonville School District Boundaries Mean for Your Children?
  The West Linn-Wilsonville School District has added a fourth middle school, which means that your junior-higher might have a decision to make! Meridian Creek Middle School, located east of I-5 in Wilsonville is changing the boundary map. Students in 6th and 7th grade in the new residence area have the option to finish middle school… Read More ›
What to Look For When Searching For a Neighborhood
There are many factors that will affect your new home and the neighborhood is definitely something to be considered! While safety and schools are usually the first consideration in a neighborhood there are lots of other things to look for in you future neighborhood. You might be surprised what you’re forgetting to consider. Click here for a… Read More ›
What’s Cooking on Farms & Wineries
  May 1, 2012 – May is Wine Month A blog enjoyed by those who love local farms, wines and slow foods We open our farm, wine and food travel planner with a scenic trip along the Molalla Country Farm Loop to a delightful boutique winery tucked in the rolling oaked hills of Marquam, Oregon,… Read More ›
Wilsonville Real Estate Market Reports for the week of 4-9-2012
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‘Edible’ Hints From a Food Aficionado of Wilsonville
The current rise of food establishments in Wilsonville, Oregon is a consortium.  Acclaimed establishments such as, Oswego Grill, McMenamins, and The Ram have made their presence known over the last couple of months. They rim both sides ofWilsonville Road(on the west side of the interstate) and are doing their bests to provide tasteful, family oriented… Read More ›
Wonderful News About the End of the Housing Crisis!
This was a wonderful article about the positivity that 2012 is bringing to our economy!
Things to do in Wilsonville!
Beat the rainy day blues and check out all the fun that is going on in the community!